natal nacional

Christmas 2001

natal reciclável 2001 - conjunto nacional

The first year of work at this highly disputed location was also the most challenging. The client had requested something typically Brazilian, outside the conventional European and North American Christmas symbols. Inspired by festival of the Magi and the typical Nativity scenes of the state of Minas Gerais, in which men with miniature churches on their heads play pipes and celebrate Christmas, Silvio Galvão created huge, imposing figures that filled the building’s galleries, ramps and terraces. To decorate the front of the building, Silvio produced the figures of 60 angels, each one holding a flag carrying the image of a Brazilian patron saint. To achieve this, Silvio created three moulds, taken from real children and which were used to produce the 60 replicas. In the gallery, the Holy Family was reproduced in gold, as in Baroque times, and surrounded by three very impressive Wise Men, each one 5 metres high. Their cloaks, in blue, green and red, exhibited countless adornments and details, all made from recycled materials.