The Goosebumps Gang

Façade, main door and entrance hall of the monster’s house

As he took the first steps in his new professional phase, Silvio took over the Art Director position of an independent production for the now extinct TV Manchete. It was all about The Goosebumps Gang program, which also approached the child’s universe in the same cinematographic format as Castle Rá-Tim-Bum. The concept of the story was based on the horror comics created by César Sandoval in 1989 and made popular by Editora Globo up to 1993. It was set in a residential building with monstrous characteristics and a population formed by the descendants of famous monsters such as Frankenstein and Count Dracula. While the internal filming took place in the studio on a 1x1 format (natural size), the externals used a mock-up of the building, with all the continuity (link) that the interior scenario required.

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