tv cultura

"Silvio finds a job at the TV…using a portfolio containing 2 pieces"
sarcofago mumia

Although a miscellanea of musical styles was present throughout the country, the punk movement, coming from the United Kingdom, found new adaptations in São Paulo, of which the established venue was the legendary Madame Satã club, located in the Boa Vista region of the city. Silvio was a sporadic frequenter. But he much preferred the ghettos of the Boca do Lixo in the centre of town. He adopted a gothic look and the habit of parading through the night wearing an extremely large black cape, army boots, accessories and an aggressive attitude. Inevitably his life became rather unconventional. For more than a year he roamed the nights until the time came when, dissatisfied with his disorderly routine, he began to make use of the lonely moments to manufacture small figures made out of many materials, amongst them the little mummies, which he named Saimon and Cristofer. One day Silvio put the two sculptures into a bag, filled himself with courage and went knocking on the front door of TV Cultura (Fundação Padre Anchieta). In no time he was part of the Scenography Department of this state-owned TV station.

sarcofago mumia sarcofago mumia sarcofago mumia