atelie silvio galvão

brief history

Silvio Galvão has worked in the TV Cultura scenography department as the person in charge of special effects ever since the historical "Bambalalão" program and also other programs such as "Mundo da Lua" (Mooning Around) and "Glub-Glub", to the award-winning "Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum" (Castle Rá-Tim-Bum).
He has been involved in many projects, including museum models, such as:

silvio galvao e sua arte hiper-realista

Expert in the process of transforming materials, Silvio creates replicas, dioramas, mock-ups, both large and small. The secret, according to him, is in the right measure of every one of the innumerable items that go into the making one of his works of art. "In this business, time is crucial to the process", he asserts. "Organization, method, discipline and plenty of dedication are the other tools for reaching perfection".